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Embrace life’s simple pleasures and bring the Danish lifestyle of cozy happiness into your home with monthly handpicked goods from around the world. 

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Loved it so much, I upgraded!

"I really, really, really love this box! It's always so much fun to open, and I think I've utilized and loved everything I've received so far, which I can't say for other subscriptions I've had in the past! Shipping is fast, and the product quality is so good! I think I love the candles and foodstuffs probably the best, but my first box, I received a little bird puzzle/figure and that little decoration has brought me so much joy! I've loved every product that's been in the boxes, and I have yet to get even one that I don't care for! I love this box so much that I actually upgraded to the bigger box! I'm very excited to see what's different! Thank you for the joy this box brings me every month!"

by Margaret M. written Jun 2019

Best Subscription Box!

"I love the Hygge Box! I feel that they put a lot of thought into sending products that are useful and fit the monthly theme. I actually use all of the items in the box as opposed to other subscription services I have tried. You get products from around the world, which is cool. I also appreciate the list of the items and what they are. Definitely worth the money!"

by Leah written Jun 2019

This brings me so much hygge feelings I could cry!

"I no longer receive any other subscription boxes because we have been cutting way back on expenses, but considering the only other “bad” spending habit I have is for yarn, I continue to self indulge in this box. Each piece so lovely. Thank you so much guys, you don’t even know how much joy these monthly boxes bring me. It feels kind of pathetic to admit that out loud, but it’s true so oh 🐳 #hygge #hyggelig #spring #joy #selfcare"

by Caitlyn written Mar 2019

Absolutely. Amazing.

"This was everything I needed and more.. It’s like if my best friend put together a box for me when she knew I was having a rough day and I needed to relax. Every single item was absolutely perfect for me and was such great quality too! I’m already wearing the fuzzy socks, drinking the hot tea, burning the candle, and reading the book - all things I was given - and I couldn’t be having a better end to my day."

by Kristin written Sep 2018

Amazing comfort!

"This box was everything it was described. It was so fun to open, and the packaging/presentation was great! Everything was of great quality and some things really wow’d me. Each item was curated for both several individual uses, or a deluxe self care day! Just what i needed."

by Ashley written Sep 2018

Great Decision!

"I was so impressed with this box— And it keeps getting better the more I’ve used the items! I received the deluxe box for August, and the timing was just perfect. If you or someone you know is going through a hard time (as I am currently), I highly recommend signing up for this box! It’s just the right mix of self care, connectedness, and coziness. They emailed me a brief survey before my first box (for preferences) and another one after I received by box (to calibrate for the next month), which I really appreciated. It seems like they do a good job of customizing based on your feedback, though I’ll have to wait for next month’s box to see for sure. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Hygge Box customer service last week, and they were absolutely lovely! Subscribing to this box was such a good decision all around."

by Emily written Aug 2018

What is Hygge?

Hygge is the Danish lifestyle of coziness, happiness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It is a ritual filled with warmth, comfort, simplicity and relaxation. It is surrounding yourself with the people and things you love, celebrating togetherness with your tribe, letting go of the everyday and expressing gratitude for the little things in life.

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